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Using cutting edge Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CSPV) & Heliostat Sun Tracking technology developed in partnership with CSIRO, Heliostat SA helps companies and nations worldwide produce renewable, uninterrupted, utility grade power – even at night – with unmatched efficiency, zero emissions and minimal obsolescence.

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Unmatched Solar Output & Cost Efficiency

Backed By 15 Years Research & Development, Our Heliostat Mirrors Are Efficient, Cost Effective, and Fast & Easy To Assemble On Site

Heliostat SA has partnered with CSIRO, Australia’s leading solar thermal technology research and development organisation, to deliver a best-in-class heliostat and control system.

Benefits of our heliostats include:

  • Small astigmatism gives low spill losses at tower receiver
  • Linear actuators on ‘Tilt and Roll’ system provides significant cost savings over rotating drives
  • Control system’s patented automatic intensity management feature accurately optimises receiver irradiance for maximum performance across all times of day and season
  • Rapid standby of a portion of heliostats allows receiver to operate very close to, but not exceed, material limits
  • CSIRO Heliostat system is the first in the world to achieve Supercritical steam temperatures and pressures
  • High-strength rib and bonded solar mirror structure results in low steel use per square meter
Developed In Partnership With World Leading Technology Institutes Including:

CSP: How It Works

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Turnkey operation and lifetime support.

Overnight power storage means power day & night.

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The 200kW PV Ultra receiver mounted on the tower employs an array of ‘space grade’ photovoltaic cells made from advanced materials. These ‘multijunction’ cells can utilize a much greater portion of the solar spectrum than conventional silicon PV. This cell technology can convert over 40% of sunlight to electricity and the efficiency of new generation cells will continue to increase. The heat collected from the receiver is also ideal for applications such as MED Desalination.

In cooperation with RAYGEN (link http://www.raygen.com/) we can supply full turnkey Tower systems for Utility
scale projects. RAYGEN is the world leader in Tower PV, with its solution developed and proven in Australia and other high DNI regions of the world.

Heliostats SA’s Heliostat test field in Northern Adelaide uses a PV receiver – we have fine-tuned our Control system to optimize the solar beam for this application.



To provide our customers with the most effective energy production systems, Heliostat SA can provide cost competitive tracking technologies for conventional PV. By incorporating tracking into a PV system, total power generation can be increased by up to 25 %for single axis and 40% for dual axis. with a better collection during early morning and late afternoon hours when electricity tariffs are most lucrative. Single Axis Tracker market is due to reach $ 5 Billion per annum globally by 2021 and Heliostat SA’s excellent manufacturing base will be helping to address this requirement.

Dual Axis trackers are now only a niche specialty market – however our expertise in low cost heliostats allows us to produce excellent cost-effective dual axis tracking solutions for our customers.

End To End Solar Solution Customised & Integrated For Your Needs

Reduce the ever increasing costs of fossil fuel based power generation and enjoy the benefit of free energy from the sun 24/7.

Whether you need a complete, stand alone setup or integration with your existing plant, we’ve got you covered with a cost effective, turnkey solution. Our high volume production capability and global team mean we can produce on demand and at scale.

Our mission is to help you transition to renewable energy as seamlessly as possible, no matter what you need it for.

As well as complete solar solutions, we  also developed bolt on products so that you can connect solar power to your existing industrial plant to supplement and radically cut the fossil fuel based energy required for operation.

Utility Scale Electricity Production

The primary use of our products is the generation and storage of renewable power.

These installations can be connected to a conventional power system for hybrid production, or developed as a complete energy source.

Solar thermal power can be used to produce heat without fossil fuels, leading to a clean and sustainable furnace operation.

Best for large scale kilns and industrial heating in off grid areas.

Water Purification & Desalination

Our CPS systems can provide heat needed for water purification, distillation and desalinisation, with salt separated for sale or industrial use.

Very effective for large scale desalination operations where fossil fuels are expensive and solar radiation is high.

A Renewable Energy Partner With Global Experience & Reach

Current Projects Include:


Complete Production, Project Management, Service, and Support

“We are helping to lead the global quest towards a cleaner and greener future. We believe this will be driven by socially responsible renewable energy production.

Heliostat South Australia Mission Statment

Leadership Team, Partners & Parent Companies

Backed By Some Of The Worlds Most Innovative Renewable Energy Organisations

Our expert leadership team and technology partners give us an edge in delivering an unparalleled product and service to our renewable energy partners.
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